Green beer is nice and all but do you have a shamrock pinata?

16955 There is pretty much no point in having a St. Patty’s Day bash if you’re not going to do it up. I’m talking glittery shamrock centerpieces on the tartan table cloth, shamrock guest soaps in the bathroom, baskets of shamrock mints to mask the Irish whiskey-breath.
If you hit a party like that tonight, rest assured the hostess is either Martha Stewart or a fan of Plum Party.
I love the cheeky sensibility, the helpful party tips, and the insane number of products this online party boutique has for sale. Owners Melinda and Risa have tracked down absolutely everything (we’re talking eeeeeeverything) you never thought you needed for your next swanky soiree, best friend’s baby shower, or the most memorable toddler party in the county. Stpats_pinsMatching paper plates and napkins? Check. Pinatas? Check. Chip and dip roulette wheel? Pink flamingo toothpicks? Bunny topiary? Check, check, check.
Rest assured that this is not your standard WalMart party fare. Everything you find at Plum Party will pass muster with even the most persnicketty Manhattanite–or mother-in-law–on your guest list. –Liz

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply March 17, 2006


    I wish I saw this earlier!
    I could have gotten it for my husband

  • Reply March 17, 2006

    reluctant housewife

    Have you met my MIL?
    I love Plum Party! Party City is a dump.

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