Love at First Flush

Like most of you, I’ve got excellent environmental intentions. And yet, even as I toss my soda cans in the recycling bin, I’m still creating my own personal landfill of disposable diapers. I want another option, but let’s be honest, you need major commitment and major free time to deal with cloth.
My guilt is taking a backseat to giddiness sincediscovering gDiapers, the no chlorine, no perfume, and no stink diapers that are totally flushable. Yes, in the toilet. A sort of cloth/’sposie combo, the gDiapersare comprised ofa set of "litte g pants" (available in four totally fab colors), into which youinsertand thenremove the flushable portion. The entire thing is so thoughtfully designed, I guarantee you’ll be as impressed as I am.Besides, if you love the concept, you’ll really love the socially-responsible Portland-based company behind it, where every day is take your child to work day.
So retire that diaper pail that never worked and get ready to flush. I’m pretty sure being green has never looked–or smelled–quite so good. –Kristen
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  • Reply June 26, 2006


    Wow, these look interesting. Is ordering them through the mail the only way to buy them?

  • Liz
    Reply June 26, 2006


    Great question, growingalife.
    You can order them online, which is certainly the easiest option, or check here for a list of stores where they’re available.

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