Independence From Pink

As anyone familiar with New York knows, tonight the FDR drive will be lined with junior firework watchers wearing–what else–black. It’s not that they don’t love America in the big city; it’s just that red white and blue screams Wayward Tourist Lost on the Way to Madame Tussaud’s.
Presenting the manifesto of hipster city kids and their kindred spirits across the nation: Urban Babies Wear Black. Michelle Sinclair Coleman’s hilarious board book is a tongue-in-cheek look at life in Manhattan for the species Infantus Urbanus.
The awesome artwork from illustrator Nathalie Dion brings to life the daily grind of gallery-hopping, yoga classes, and mocha latte playdates.
What? Isn’t that what your baby does every day?Pacifier online will even package the book in its own coffee–er, latte–cup with a complimentary onesie. Yes, in black. Even on the fourth, is there any other color? –Liz

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  • Reply July 5, 2006


    Liz, I had my baby too early. Tho’ my city is the Minne-apple (sorry, couldn’t resist), I am an urban mother at heart. 11 years ago all we had was Hanna Anderson, Gymboree and Target. Ah, to be dressing a boy today. Much, much more cool.

  • I am currently working on the sequel to that book, called “urban parents are LAME.” It will mostly be full of self portraits.

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