If I Tattoo Vincent on My Butt, You’ll Know Why

Forget the smell of the new leather — just hearing the crinkle of tissue as I pull it from the toes of a brand new pair of shoes makes me pant. And so of course I couldn’t wait to take my daughter shopping recently for her first pair.Yet when I arrived at The neighborhood shoe store, armed with big eyes and plenty of credit, I was disappointed by the limited styles and choice of pinks. Er…colors. Why I did not wait for this week, for the US launch of the the hot European childrens shoe line, Vincent, I will never know.
I’m full-on drooling over these stylish kids kicks: High tops embelished with houndstooth or faux animal prints. Lavender rainboots for girlie girls. Two-toned little ankle boots with a furry lining for staying warm and chic while bounding through piles of leaves. And perhaps my favorite – the white tennies with silver accents that can turn any kid into his superhero alter ego (available soon).
Here is the best part: Are you sitting down? They are affordable. Halleluia, and praise the goddess of footwear.Unfortunately, they only make them in newborn through big kids sizes. Sorry moms. –Liz

Cool Mom Staff

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