Ta-Ta For Now

Who does not like a healthy set of ta-tas?
No, one that’s who.
Which is exactly the premise behind Save the Tatas, Julia Fikse’s humorous tee-shirt company dedicated to promoting breast cancer research through humor. A former fashion designer for companies like Levis and Adidas, she’s now putting her heart (and boobs) into Save the Tatas, giving a percentage of each sale towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.I’m partial to the classic Save the Tatas shirt in pink or black. But I admit getting a chuckle out of Team Tatas and Caught You Looking at My Tatas (which I hear is very popular in Los Angeles).
There’s even a men’s line, although I have to admit, I cringe a little at the thought of a guy wearing a So Many Tatas, So Little Time shirt, once he’s out of college. Even so, I suppose you can’t fault a man for loving the tatas. –Liz

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