Month: October 2006

Ta-Ta For Now

Who does not like a healthy set of ta-tas? No, one that’s who. Which is exactly the premise behind Save the Tatas, Julia Fikse’s humorous tee-shirt company dedicated to promoting breast cancer research through humor.

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The One Purple Dinosaur Allowed in My Home

My 2-year-old daughter thinks that everything mustfollow a specific theme and lately, it’s dinosaurs. Pink or purple, only. However, have youtried finding pink or purple dinosaur anything these days–that’s not the bloated guy in the suit?

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Girlie Art

While we tend to gravitate towards monsters and robots more than princesses and ballerinas in our household, there’s something entirely capitvating about the little girl art of Colorado artist and mom Carla Sonheim.

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Sometimes You Just…Click

When it comes to making new mom friends, I have excellent intentions but admittedly, terrible follow-through. Sometimes life just gets in the way of picking up the phone and making plans.

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Maximum DenCity

Show me a woman who can resist one of those Cosmo-style "what type are you?" quizzes, and I’ll show you a man in drag. Which means women are going to love the jewelry from independent San Francisco jewelry designer Kim Shephard at her online boutique, Urban Dencity.

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Designer Shirts…by My Two-Year Old

If you’re like me, your little artist’s masterpieceshave taken over your walls and your refrigerator. And maybe you took our advice this past summer and made cool stationery out of their best artwork, sending the rest off to the grandparents for "safe keeping."

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The Girlfriend’s Guide to “Get That Out Of Your Mouth”

I’m not a big fan of the "D" word, but when I do need to watch what I eat, I find that misery loves company. Or to put it in a more positive light, I like to have a friend to diet along with me so we can scream YEAH! together when the scale moves in the right direction.

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Life is Good in the Sack

As I prepare for the arrival of #2, the memories of newborn-domare sneaking back up on me. I distinctly remember bumbling around in the wee hours of the morning trying to change a diaper and resnap the dreaded baby onesie as quickly as possible so not to lose any extra minutes of precious sleep.

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Just Watch Out for Stage Diving

So you’ve traded in your black motorcycle jacket for a fleece pullover. And your you-know-what-kicking boots have now taken the shape of comfy black clogs. But who says your kiddo can’t still rock the house?

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Attention Holiday Shoppers…

Wouldn’t you love this to be the year that you actually get your shopping done before the night before Christmas or Hannukah? 5 PM? As the shopkeepers are pushing you out the door and telling you, "come earlier next year?"

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