Month: November 2006

Man Purses? Really Not Fooling Anyone

If your husband’s like mine, he refuses to carry any sort of diaper bag. I’ve tried Camo messenger bags, hulking backpacks and indie-rock totes, but nooooooo. He has rejected each and every one. So when I saw the Dad Gear Diaper Vest at Emmy and Ally, it was like the clouds parted and all was well in the world.

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Stop: Hammer Time

When I was in middle school, I should have failed Home Economics. I burned my banana bread in cooking class, and the blouse for my final sewing project might have fit had my head been the same size as my arms. But woodshop–now that, I aced. And Aunt Ginny loved her new birdhouse.

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Way Better Than Stale, Chalky Hannukah Chocolate

It’s not easy finding The Perfect Gift eight times in a row. No wonder my parents always pushed us to opt for the "one big gift" on Hannukah instead of the eight little ones. Consider your list now reduced to seven.

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Siblings With Style

The time has come for me to search for the perfect big sister shirt for my daughter. But, I’m not so much for the sparkley stick figures designs or the cutesie kid-style typefaces I keep coming across.

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Your Kids’ Guaranteed Favorite Gift This Year

While it’s not indicated on our calendars, every parent knows that candy season starts just before Halloween, progresses through chocolate turkeys on Thanksgiving, peaks gloriously on Christmas day, and then trickles to a close with nervous dental visits in early January.

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We’re all finally getting the message that sunscreen is not optional, particularly for the sensitive skin of little ones in our lives. But what about protecting those beautiful baby blues or greens or browns?

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Girlie Tees, Hold the Saccharine

Lately, the SigOth has been dressing our daughter in the navy, red and olive garments that he’d wear himself. I’ve been insisting that we’d get fewer, "oh, how old is he?" remarks if we girled her up just a wee bit more.

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Not Just Any Book Will Do

The lovely yet ill-conceived baby book is almost a guaranteed shower gift. While we all love to keep track of the milestones as best we can, let’s be honest, those early days are exhausting. If you’re going to spend the energy keeping track of details, it’s not going to be things like "the outfit baby wore on her sixth day" or "the date he got his fourteenth tooth"

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