“My Baby is Due In January. Is it Too Early to Apply to Preschools?”

In most cities in America, the stress of getting into college is a distant second to the stress of getting into preschool. Because of course not getting into the right preschool will take your child down a path of misery, destitution, or possibly a career in fast food service.
Savvy Source is a fantastic resource for navigating the intense pre-K waters. Founded by a lifelong educator who realized even her background didn’t prepare her for the arduous search for her own kids, she set out to make things a little easier for the rest of us.Described as a cross between a Zagat guide and Craig’s List, Savvy Source provides access to data and in-depth reviews on hundreds of schools. You’ll find general info on admission guidelines and tuition, to details like how comfortable the room temperature is, or how clean the toys are. There are even the elusive tips on "getting in," which alone should be worth the $35 annual fee.The site is currently serving parents in seventeen major cities now. As for the rest of you, sit tight. Savvy source will be coming to your community soon. Now breathe. –Liz

Cool Mom Staff

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