Month: December 2006

New Year’s Resolution: Replenish the Jewelry Box

If you’ve managed to secure the talents of a babysitter or willing grandparent on New Year’s Eve, make sure to make the most of your night off and dress to kill. Starting with the ears.

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You’re Never Too Young To Accessorize

My daughter has reached the age where she must take at least three random items with her wherever she goes. And then, leave them in the car. While I’m not about topick a battle with her every time we leave the house,I amgoing to try to find a compromise — say by letting her bring as much as she can fit in one of the mini linen totes from Nubius Organics.

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No Son Of Mine is Wearing Tighty Whities

So what happens when the incentive of sporting tight little undies isn’t enough for your little guy to ditch the diaper?
You gethim way cooler boxers of course.

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You’ve Got Doxie Kid!

I thought I’d seen a stuffed everything — bears,phoenixes, horny toads…you name it, they’ve got it. You know, just in case you have a little one obsessed with flamingos. But dachsunds?

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Wait, So Not All Poems Rhyme?

Once in a while, I sit down to review something for CMP and have trouble with it. Not for lack of words, but because my daughter has somehow gotten her hands on the item and refuses to give it back.

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To Think That I Saw it On Elizabeth Street

Sometimes my initial response to new music is, "Wow, that’s really, um, different." And by different, I mean bad. But sometimes different is good, as in the case of Different, the debut album from Elizabeth Street.

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Wear it, Hang it, Anyway You Like It

At the ripe old age of thirty, I’ve come to realize there’s something to spending cash on quality items–particularly bags. After going through way too many crappy sacs these past two years, I have a new mantra: It’s not expensive if younever have to replace it.

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I Saw the Sign

We tend to see certain ironic baby tees over and over, with the same cheeky quips (cranky baby! chick magnet!) repackaged with different graphics. So I had to stop and give pause when I came across the 100% organic cotton shirts created by mom Liz Murphy of Speak Clothing.

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One prerogative we all have as parents – forcing our kids to wear hats against their will. Without some way to secure it below the neck, I just don’t know a single kid that won’t toss the thing to the ground at the first opportunity.

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