Month: December 2006

You Spin Me Right ‘Round, Baby

Since joining the cult of motherhood in 2004, myregular trek to some loud, late night dance club where I slugged down glow-in-the-dark cocktails has been replaced with a different kind of play. One that’s decidedly strobe light free. But oh how I long for a little taste of the old life. It’s hard to believe I only just discovered Baby Loves Disco, but now that I have, I may be well on my way to shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Created by mom and professional dancer Heather Murphy, who later teamed up with Brooklyn-basedmusic guy Andy Hurwitz, BabyLoves...

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Wear it, Hang it, Anyway You Like It

At the ripe old age of thirty, I’ve come to realize there’s something to spending cash on quality items–particularly bags. After going through way too many crappy sacs these past two years, I have a new mantra: It’s not expensive if younever have to replace it.

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I Saw the Sign

We tend to see certain ironic baby tees over and over, with the same cheeky quips (cranky baby! chick magnet!) repackaged with different graphics. So I had to stop and give pause when I came across the 100% organic cotton shirts created by mom Liz Murphy of Speak Clothing.

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