I’ve always thought there’s just something slightly undignified about walking around with a sack of frozen peas on your postpartum boobs when they’re engorged. And while your kids might not mind frozen foods on their owies, I happen to think everyone would feel a lot better using Baby Blue Cat Designs’ absolutely gorgeous Boo Boo Bags instead.
They’re filled with flax seed and soothing herbs like lavender (mmm…lavender), handmade by a mom who sews everything herself when she’s not working as a nurse. Plus they do double-duty because they can be chilled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave, depending on your needs.
Boo Boo Bags are just $4 each and come in five patterns, including the beautiful China Doll (shown here) that I’m just crazy about. If you ask me, feeling better has never looked so good. –Izzy