For Moms, By Moms. But Not the Crazy Ones.

New moms will agree that new mom advice is easy to come by. For example, there’s your mother-in-law and her stories about brandy in the baby bottle, or your childless cousin who’s quick to tell you about the evils of television watching. What’s hard to come by, however, is good advice.
Fortunately, quite a bit of it has arrived in the form of Moms’ Lifesavers: Tips to Make Life Easier for New Mothers from Christine Cohen and Joanne Tocci. The paperback reference guide is more magazine-y than big intimidating expert book-y, filled with new mama wisdom from 100 moms around the country.
Reading through the book is like sitting down with your friends and trading secrets about what not to buy for a newborn, how to manage the grocery store with kids in tow, craft ideas that won’t make you bonkers, or even just sensible moneysaving ideas. The back of the book includes a list of great online web resources (with one notable absence, ahem), plus charts where you can note developmental milestones through age four.
But the coolest part is that each short chapter provides space to jot down your own little lifesavers. So perhaps when you’re done with the book you’ll pass it along to a friend in need, having unofficially added yourself to the list of mom experts that helped to write the book.
And you never thought it could happen to you. -Liz

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