To Think That I Saw it On Elizabeth Street

Sometimes my initial response to new music is, "Wow, that’s really, um, different." And by different, I mean bad. But sometimes different is good, as in the case of Different, the debut album from Elizabeth Street.
Elizabeth Street is not related to Pikaboo Street; actually it’s a duo, made up of vocalist Susan Kolbenheyer and guitarist/bassist Greg Pearce. Kolbenheyer has an earthy, expressive voice that moves easily from the mellow, folksy-acoustic tracks on the album to driving power-pop songs with a discernable punk influence. The sophisticated melodies blend perfectly with lyrics reflecting the silliness of childhood, with song titles like The Eyeball People and Really Gross.
The album was recorded in a home studio, making it different (in a good way) from so much mass-produced kids music, and enjoyable for even the most extreme music-snob parents. Not that you’re one of them, of course.
Sample a few tracks before you score your own copy at CD Baby. –Amy
WIN IT! An autographed copy of Different, made out to your very own kids. Just email by midnight tonight with the answer to the question: What’s the name of the first track on the album?

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