Month: December 2006

Tune In, Turn On, Bring the Kids

The other day I found myself stuck in a stalled subway car with no reading material. Digging around my bag, my options were limited to a handful of old ATM receipts, or the Sippy Cups new Electric Storyland CD, which I’d been toting around unopened for a week.

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Your Tree Has Competition

Every year, just before Christmas the stocking debate ensues at my parents’ house: "Whose is the reindeers?" "No wait, mine is the snowflakes." "Hey, his holds more than mine!"

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It’s All Fun and Games Til Someone Loses a Toe

Nowhere in the parenting manual did I find a chapter on a child’s inability to feel cold. How couldI have known that a kid can have purple lips and six frostbitten toes and yet when there’s still winter fun to be had, you’ll have to drag him, kicking and screaming, inside to sit by a warm radiator?

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The One Thing You Won’t Want to Unwrap This Holiday

If you’re of the Christmas-celebrating persuasion, surely you’ve already spent months ensuring your little angel baby will be perfectly coiffed this season, with a different fabulous outfit for every party, every family dinner, every opportunity to be fawned over in public. But have you considered the diaper?

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Spare Your Friends the Lame Cards This Year

When I go to pick out cards for the holidays, I just keep looking and looking at all those stacks of foil boxes, hoping something will jump out at me screaming, "Pick me! I am not sappy or cutesy, I promise!" Rarely does this happen however, and some years, I admit I find myself settling.

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Diaper Bag Incognito

I was one of those first-time moms who refused to register for a diaper bag. Call me practical, but I just figured I could track down a cool big totebag and I’d be fine. But then, as I discovered, there were the bibs, toys, bottles, binkies…and 4,000 other things I couldn’t leave home without. And I really could have used an actual diaper bag.

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Pick Up Your Damn Coats Already!

My house has a nice entryway with a coat closet just as you walk in the front door. So why is it that all the family’s coats and bookbags end up in one huge pile on the living room couch? Perhaps the child-sized coat hangers from Pakhuis Oost at Rose and Radish would help to keep my living room (relatively) tidy.

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It’s one thing when you give in and buy your kid an iPod. It’s another when your realize that she is still at the age where everything of value ends up trashed in a matter of weeks.

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Crawfish Roasting on an Open Fire

I know there are plenty of Christmas CDs out there these days, but frankly I’m afraid to play half of them for my daughter, for fear that I’ll be stuck listening to them every single day for the rest of the year.

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Santa Claws

Who says that stockings have to be hand crocheted by grandmas with a penchant for pom-poms and unnatural color combinations? Apparently not the folks at Crafty Robot, who have come up with the best alterna-stockings I’ve ever seen.

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