Month: February 2006

The Stylish Tushie

I never thought twice about diapering my son with the eco-not-so-conscious disposable diaper. I have to admit, I thought that cloth diapers were still big cotton towels that required safety pins, manual dexterity, and a whole lot of free time.

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This Organization Goes to 11

The brilliant mind that brought us This is Spinal Tap has made a massive–and welcome–leap to the world of non-profits. Parents Action for Children is Rob Reiner’s very cool parent advocacy group. The website features the standard fare on topics like schools, safety, wellness, and children and the media; but what really differentiates it from Babycenter and the like is the action section. Here they lay out facts on the issues you care most about, then tell you exactly what you can do to make things better. Whether you¬πre concerned about violent videogames, up in arms about junk food...

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Cool Duds For the Whole Fam

While cruising the net for cool picks this evening, I happened across Tot Rocket, a Cafepress site selling shirts for the whole family. The minds behind the gear describe themselves as specializing in hip baby clothing with style and attitude. With shirts for baby that say exactly what baby is thinking (Naps are for Pussies), Tot Rocket has me wondering why the hell I didn’t think of that? And, even though Father’s Day is a few months away, I know my guy would be thrilled to recieve a Sexy Dads Do Diapers shirt. Let’s just say these designs make...

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Pads Can Be Cool

When my 3 year old was a newborn we planned a trip to Europe and before I could say auf viedersehn, my brain pictured all the filthy traveling potties we would encounter while changing her diaper.

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Because A Baby In Lame Clothes Makes You Want To Kill Yourself

You’re not a conventional parent. You do not have a conventional child. As such, it’s time to donate those my heart belongs to grandma onesies that remain crumpled and unused in the back of the drawer, and replace them with something a little more your speed. Lucky Lil Devil describes itself as the coolest alternative, gothic, punk, rock, baby, infant, toddler, youth screen printed clothing and apparel. (Phew!) They’ve got dozens of silk screens from the mildly irreverent daddy drinks because I cry to the wildly irreverent…let’s just say we’re not going to give you a preview here. Plus...

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Wax On/Wax Off

The last time I tried an at-home hair removal system, I ended up waddling to the phone with 29 applicator strips hanging from my crotch so I could dial the emergency consumer hot line listed on the package. And yet yesterday, I gave it another go. Quickly, rush to the health food store and by this product: Parissa Natural Hair Removal System. The yankable cloth pieces are washable and reusable and the goopy goo is more like honey than wax. And you apply it at room temperature. And when you rip it off, it DOESN’T HURT!! No lie! I...

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You Are What You Carry

Before you turn away in utter disgust from overexposure to the dreaded and bejeweled "Elvis-Marilyn-Audrey" bags, I have to say that these bags are tres sassy. The various designs are fabulous, as are the quality of the photos. I carry my bigasstote everywhere, and while I know that I live in the DEEP SOUTH where all things cheezy and gaudy are deeply appreciated, I get asked at least three times a week where I got my bag and not just by the crazyass Southern bizatches. They are bit expensivo, but they are extremely well-made and feature your greatest creation...

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The Kind of Softy You’ll Thank Me For Later

Softie1Don’t get any sick ideas, dear readers. We’ve all seen our share of those softies and we certainly don’t need a stuffed one of THOSE laying around the house. Heather who blogs over at MilesEtc started making these fabulous little creatures for her little one, and as you might imagine, a few people got a hold of them and she’s decided to sell them to the masses.

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