Month: March 2006

She’ll be the Grandest Girl in the Easter Parade

CappellihatI have toddler headwear envy. I love my little baldy girl, but the only barrette I’ll be able to keep on her head is the one I drew on there. And headbands stay on for about 2.76 seconds – on a good day. But, my daughter’s head is uncovered no more thanks to Baby Cappelli hats.

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Svanity Fair

As a Svan superfan I was all but throwing a party when I heard the news that Scandinavian Child was introducing its newest Svan product, a chic-as-chit bouncy seat! I know, I know. Exciting stuff, right?

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Snap On, Snap Off

Perennial2Why is it when you finally get around to buying clothes and room duds that support your kids’ interests (read: feed their obsessions), they have already moved onto something else? You end up being out countless dollars, and up about 14 Winnie-the-Pooh shirts and 2 sheet sets that you can’t return.

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Come On, Swaddle Me

Swaddler_1Did you listen to the OB nurse when she explained the perfect swaddling technique? I don’t know about you, but I was way too busy worrying about attaching the baby to my boob to think about tightly wrapping my child in a crappy hospital blanket. But when I got home, I realized that I probably should have listened.

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Let Them Eat Cupcakes.

Cupacake A Cup-a-Cake container is one of those items that on first glance makes you say, "huh?" On second glance you think, "pretty smart," and on third glance you’re like, "I need forty-two of them, NOW NOW NOW!"

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Now You Can Save Your Singing for the Shower

VirtuosodvdIf you are one of those moms who‚Äôd love to take your kid to music class but dreads singing in front of anyone except yourself in the bathroom mirror, then the Music’s Everywhere dvd is the perfect solution for you.

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