Month: March 2006

Hey, There’s Shmutz on This Bib!

With Passover just around the corner, we searched far and wide for a great item for baby’s first Seder. We stopped when we found this clever cotton bib. Shmutz (Yiddish for a little mess) will pretty much sum up the state of affairs if your little mensch takes a liking to the charoset. It’s available for just $15 at the online shop of The Jewish Museum. Order now to insure it arrives in time for the first bowl of Aunt Marsha’s infamous matzoh ball soup....

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Snap On, Snap Off

Perennial2Why is it when you finally get around to buying clothes and room duds that support your kids’ interests (read: feed their obsessions), they have already moved onto something else? You end up being out countless dollars, and up about 14 Winnie-the-Pooh shirts and 2 sheet sets that you can’t return.

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Come On, Swaddle Me

Swaddler_1Did you listen to the OB nurse when she explained the perfect swaddling technique? I don’t know about you, but I was way too busy worrying about attaching the baby to my boob to think about tightly wrapping my child in a crappy hospital blanket. But when I got home, I realized that I probably should have listened.

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Stay Undivorced

WryBaby is one of our go-to sites at CMP, and also one of yours judging from the number of tips we receive about them. Of all the cheeky gifts you’ll find there, The Wheel of Responsibility is a favorite. It’s just what it sounds like – a simple way to determine whose turn it is to wash the bottles, put away the laundry, or tell Grandma that her feet smell and wouldn’t she please keep her shoes on? Just stick it on the fridge, spin the wheel, and "stay married," as the website promises. They also claim that David...

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A Cause We Can All Rally Behind

Dianetics states that moms in labor "maintain silence in the presence of birth to save the sanity of the mother and the child and safeguard the home to which they will go." Um. Democrat or Republican, red state or blue, I think we can all agree on one thing: Katie Holmes is out of her freakin’ gourd. Which is why we laughed at loud at the designs at This shirt pretty much says it all....

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Keep That Binky on a Short Leash

Sure, bunnies and teddy bears are cute and all, but just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to look like one. That’s the problem with a lot of baby gear. It’s made for them but YOU still have to carry it around. Well…we know you ain’t no baby, baby, and this sparkly, stylin’ binky leash is ALL grown up. It hooks baby’s pacifier right on to your diaper bag so it’s there when you need it with nary a ducky in sight. No digging or fumbling while your little one is fussing. Being prepared never looked...

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I’m A Sucker For The Snack Sack

I think we spent more time standing in front of the stroller selection at our local Baby Superstore than we did trying to conceive the little creature.This stroller didn’t have a cup holder for Mom.That stroller didn’t have a big enough cargo space. Standing before the strollers of 2002 I realized my stroller couldn’t have it all, but the one thing I wasn’t going to budge on was a tray for the kid. I viewed the tray as my ticket to a few moments shopping peace. Slap a smoothie and some Cheerios on that sucker and it could buy...

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Peanut Butter Jellie Time

Looking for an amazing mother’s day gift for your baby’s momma’s momma and/or baby’s daddy’s momma? Look no further: The lovely lady at Jellie Joolz will cook you up the perfect gift for Grandma. Or if you’re the kind of mom who ODs on the I HAVE CHILDREN merchandise (ahem) that’s cool, too. Jellie Joolz can cook you up the perfect gift for yourself! My mother and mother-in-law rock the Jellie Joolz bracelet with serious gramma pride. The process is painless, all you have to do is pick your design, send your photos or email jpgs and Viola! Just...

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Loungin’ Out In Style

There’s nothing like a crazy day of nursing and sleeping to tire out even the busiest babies. Nothing feels better than tearing off that tight, dirty onesie and slipping on something way more comfortable – say a Lounge Set by Janel and Amy at Abe Jones. These 100% cotton long sleeved shirts accompanied by a pair of wide legged karate pants are the perfect after-work attire. Each set is embellished with an understated hand sewn patch from choices like bugsy, litebrite, and quiet time. And at $34, it’s the perfect little ensemble for laying around in a bouncy seat...

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The Pros of Cons

As a teenager in the 80s, I was rarely seen without my black Chuck Taylor high-tops with the anarchy A scrawled on the toes. The kicks have since given way to something a bit more fashion-backward (and more supportive in the arches), but I still yearn for the hipster that what once was. So what good are children if we can’t project our every fashion whim on them? Mom and designer Leila Wylie hand-knits these utterly stylin’ baby booties that look just like the fab footwear of my youth. They’re only $22 at Mamie Originals. So cute, I wouldn’t...

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No, G is Not for Guiliani

Abc_book_cover New York City can teach a child any number of things. Like how to distinguish a Bangladeshi cab driver accent from a Pakistani one. Or how to learn to share toys with Uma’s daughter in the sandbox of the Bleecker Street playground. Now, NYC is also teaching children their ABCs.

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