Month: March 2006

“If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”

MamazineI think many of the mainstream parenting-type magazines make fine reads… for my daughter while I’m on the toilet. What toddler doesn’t love to flip through pages of baby pictures and toy ads? But when I’m looking for something to challenge my slowly deteriorating mom brain, I head right over to

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Because Your Mama Brain Ain’t Gonna Cut It

TraceyclarkRecently, I attempted to relate highlights of my pregnancy and birth to a newly pregnant friend. It seems all I could remember, other than my labor and delivery, was my penchant for ranch dressing, my huge sausage-like toes, and the 70-lb weight gain.

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Whip it good. And that’s an order, young man.

Devo When word got out a few months ago that the Evil Mouse Empire was releasing an album of Devo songs performed by kids, many of my hipster brethren and I were dismayed. Personally I had visions of a KidzBoppian reworking of some of the most influential American rock music.

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Even If You Have to Work, They Can Still Play On The Drum All Day

DrumIt is common knowledge that the toy drum is the arch nemesis of all mothers. No self-loving mom would ever give another mother any type of musical instrument, let alone an awful drum and mallet combo – those are traditionally the mother-in-law or friends-sans-kids kind of gifts.

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