Month: March 2006

Binky Bling

Admit it, the only reason to stick around for the whole gift-opening shebang at baby showers is to make sure no present receives bigger oohs and ahhs than yours. Let‚Äôs just say your title of World‚Äôs Most Awesome Gift Giver will never be challenged when the hipster mom-to-be holds up her new Swarovski Crystal pacifier. Tracee at PaciPosh has four styles of blingalicious binkies‚Äîchose from a princess crown, pink heart, skull and crossbones, or ying yang symbol. While not recommended for everyday use, it‚Äôs the perfect paci for those playdates at Finn and Hazel’s pad, or for the inevitable...

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How Do You Spell Relief?

Being the extremely mistrusting first-time mother that I am, you might imagine the lengthy pre-evening out monologue that my poor babysitter must endure every time I leave the house. I’m sure I lose her after the first 15 seconds and God only knows how much after that she even remembers. Thankfully I happened upon Loralin Designs’ Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter, a handy and tres cute spiral bound book that allows me to leave my everchanging list of dos and don’ts in a neat and organized fashion. Not only are there removable sheets with preprinted items such as Activity...

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Around The World in 39 Minutes

Putamayo Call me crazy, but I think if I hear another cheesy kid’s song belted by an extremely happy male and female duo, I may just lose my lunch. I’m not sure what makes us think that kids like to listen to purple dinosaurs and four men in matching shirts when it’s perfectly obvious that if they’ll listen to that stuff, they’ll probably listen to anything.

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This is My Kind of Scrapbooking

Isn’t there a saying that goes something like The Road to Hell is Paved in Good Intentions? Well, that seems to be where I’m headed when it comes to putting together my daughter’s baby scrapbook. I haven’t been lax in saving items; her memory box (as I like to call it) is almost totally full – and to be quite honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever get to putting it into something I’d ever feel comfortable showing to anyone older than the age of 2. So, thankfully, Pam over at Enduring Notions is here to get me back on...

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Tag, You’re It

After cruising through way too many websites full of beaded mommy jewelry that look like something my daughter could have made at preschool, I nearly gave up on my search for the perfect personalized mommy necklace. But amidst the sites featuring fake-jeweled charms of children with wiggly appendages, I found the beautiful recycled silver jewelry at Mommy Tags. Her chic mommy tag and heart of gold necklaces and bracelets feature a simple "Bebe Love" tag (yes, that’s French for baby) accompanied by a custom mini-tag with your child/ren’s name and birthdate. Not only do I love that the silver...

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You Know Where to Stick It

It may be a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, but that’s small comfort when your walls are defiled with telltale nail holes. Fickle decorators, take comfort. Modernseed, purveyor of all things fabulous, has an amazing selection of reusable peel-and-stick wall decals to splash across your child’s room or playroom.

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This Stuff Even Makes My Tushie Happy

If you haven’t heard, cloth diapering is all the rage. So, that means I was popular for the first six months of my daughter’s life. While I don’t do the cloth diaper thing anymore, I still love Kathleen’s stuff. At Happy Tushies, you will find boutique-style cloth diapering accessories that bring out the crunchy mom in all of us. Her revolutionary wet bag is a must for excursions with a cloth-diped baby and if you don’t like her pre-maid patterns, she’ll custom make them just for you. I still use my bag for wet-clothes accidents, and things of that...

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