Month: May 2006

You’ve Got Moxie, Kid!

If you had a best friend that was really friendly, smart and level-headed and knew a thing or two about parenting, she might be a lot like Moxie of Ask Moxie. Ask Moxie is an advice blog where parents can submit questions and receive answers on a plethora of parenting issues ranging from how to combat pushy in-laws when you’re about to give birth to how best to handle a toddler that likes to streak. How is Ask Moxie better than any of the twenty seven parenting books you already own? Her advice is personalized to YOU. Some “expert”...

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Trojan House

For moms who aren’t quite ready to be a mom again just yet, an exceedingly chic solution: The Prophopot. These ceramic pots were made for the very singular purpose of nestling your condom collection in style, as the tell-tale lids cleverly indicate. You can find them through UK online boutique Hidden Art Shop. Or if you want to keep the whole rubber theme going, they’re available in bubblegum pink or gobstopper red rubber as well. While I’d buy one for the conversation-starter potential alone, there’s a better reason: just to see your mother-in-law’s face when she gets a closer...

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Gemini: There is Twice the Drool in Your Future

Today the sun enters Gemini. Oh admit it, you love that stuff. Who among us doesn’t feverishly turn to her local paper’s horoscope page on her children’s birthdays and look up "For those born on this date…" In any case, it’s hard to resist the line of children’s zodiac tees from AG Bella. Every one of the charming illustrated birthsigns is printed on a colorful patch and hand-stitched onto super high-quality tees, bodysuits or loungepants. I’ve seen them in person and they’re really nicely made. Besides, we love the story behind AG Bella; more than a mom-and-pop, it’s a...

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Go Ahead and Cuff Me

I’m one of those mothers who always forgets to put a picture of myamazingly adorabledaughter in my wallet. Maybe it’s because I feel like she’s always with me (not so far off, really), or because all our pictures are still stored on our digital camera.

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Empowering Teens, One Showtune at a Time

One of the coolest and most underrated nonprofits I know is City at Peace, which uses performing arts as a way of promoting positive development in urban teens. They bring together a diverse group of kids for a year, during which time they mine their lives for stories and compile them into into a big musical production. It’s sort of AmeriCorps meets Theater Camp.Before you roll your eyes, I’ve seen one of their New York performances myself and the show is remarkably moving (and a cut above the standard high school production of Our Town), with true stories of...

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