Month: May 2006

They Take the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Sometimes I get tired of being the go-to gal for any kind of creative writing. Need a poem for your second cousin’s daughter’s fifth grade graduation? An apologetic letter to overbearing in-laws? A newsletter for the softball team?I’m the one who gets the call. So when I found Story People, I felt like I’d happened upon my own personal nirvana.

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Reversible Can Be Cool, I Promise

I have to admit that I haven’t had much success with reversible stuff. I mean, sure, it’s great in theory. Butit always seems like one side is way better than the other, and that just sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

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These Pants Were Made For Crawling

Trade my gorgeous hardwood floors for wall-to-wall? No chance. Fortunately I’ve been alerted to crawling pants. No, I’m not kidding. Crawling pants. Pants. Just for crawling. These inventive and thoughtfully constructed toddler trousers from mom Tammany Atkinson’s company Bees Knees come in three styles at Imagine Baby: A sporty microfiber, a stretchy dark denim, and our favorite, the Hahvahd-esque baby chinos. Each one has reinforced knee pads "for high performance crawling," and they’re conveniently removable once your toddler actually starts toddling. Besides, a long list of parents who own them absolutely swear by them. Including Courteney whatshernamefromTV. Crawling pants....

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Better Than Cucumbers

As if I don’t have a hard enough time falling asleep already, I am constantly dealing with my night-owl neighbors whose bright kitchen light shines right into our bedroom window. Tying to avoid any neighborly conflicts, I’m thinking of scoring an eye pillow from Pillows for the People. Parisa started selling them on the chic streets of Soho and has since moved to a larger venue due to their poularity. Handmade from vintage kimono silk and filled to the brim with the soft scent of lavender, geranium rose, or chamomile peppermint, these pillows might just be the ticket to...

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Word to Your Mother

Feeling a little unhip these days? Having a hard time understanding "the kids" on MTV? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Weknow how those Gymboree classes, playgroups, and never-ending Barney episodes can suck the cool right out of you. Sodon’t despair — there’s hope! Slang Flashcardswill have you talking street in no time at all.With definitions, graphics and "use-it-in-a-sentence" examples (almost as good as the spelling bee), these cards are hilarious. And even if you don’t need any help being more “with it,” they’re worth having purely for their comedic value. Coffee table books? Pshaw. Lay these puppies out...

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