Month: June 2006

For the Greatest Goodie Bags

Regardless of how not competitive you are (we know you’re not) and how much you’re not keeping up with the other mommies (we know you’re cooler than that), deep down, you still kind of want your kid’s friends to leave her birthday party thinking, Emma has the BEST mommy EVER. A fantastic goodie bag find can go a long way, and we think that’s a perfect description of this Vintage Kitty Pin Pack from UK online shop, She Loves Stars. The set of six 1" badges are exclusively available at Fred Flare for just $7, which means the title...

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It Beats the Heck Out of Tofu

When I heard Japanese scientists were researching soy powered vehicles, I wasn’t surprised. Aside from Ben & Jerry’s and boot cut jeans, soy is the most amazing discovery. And apparently it’s not just a dairy subsitute anymore. Check out these cute baby onesies from Pur Bebe, created from a combination of cotton and soybean fiber. Touted as "vegetable cashmere," soybean fiber is formed from a way-too-complicated- to-explain process that starts with extracting proteins from leftover dregs at tofu factories. By the time they get through with it, you’ve got a soft, hearty material that is perfect for your sweet...

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Baby Wears Barley

Organic is all the rage these days. Even the big bad box stores are getting into it. The two Williams sisters behind Spunky Sprout, however, jumped on that commendable bandwagon years ago with their environmentally friendly online baby tee boutique. The Spunky Sprout tees and onesies fuse hippie-chic tie-dye techniques with quirky multiculti caricatures based on–you guessed it–sprouts. There’s one for barley, one for rice, one for adzuki (adzuki?) and one for perrenial sprout favorite, alfalfa. The truth is, no one is going to understand that cute little illustration on your baby’s chest is "Galfalfa" or "Barleyna." What they...

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A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul

When it comes to baby gifts, I don’t want to be the practical mom who gives the ten-pack of store brand burp cloths. I want to be the fun mom! The one who gives something that will never be spit up on, peed on, or pooped on over the course of its lifespan.

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Love at First Flush

Like most of you, I’ve got excellent environmental intentions. And yet, even as I toss my soda cans in the recycling bin, I’m still creating my own personal landfill of disposable diapers.

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The No-Nanny Diaries

Remember the days of sassy hair dos, perfectly pedicured toes, and slim fitting couture? I do. But no one would ever have guessed that I hadany sense of stylebased on my current wardrobe of ponytail, t-shirt, and flip-flops.

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Fit Your Little Misfit

White sheep: Cute. Charming. Yawn. But black sheep, that’s a different story entirely.If like me you believe that fitting in is overrated, consider this black sheep tee for your rebel-in-training. The folks at Mighty Politey use charming illustrations to bring to life irreverent plays on words (others include bad apple and potty mouth) then silkscreen them front and center on premium tees. They’re kid duds that will appease both your inner punster and your inner James Dean. As if you ever knew the two could coexist. –Liz [Thanks Meredith!] For a limited time, get 20% off your entire purchase!...

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Back in My Day, We Walked To School. Uphill. Both Ways.

In my experience, there are two kinds of grandparents. Those who start every conversation with, "did I tell you the one about ________?" And before you even get to answer, they’re regaling you with every minute detail (again) about The Time I Met Carl from the Army or The Time I Went to The Store and It Was Closed.

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Sling Low Sweet Chariot

I met another like-minded mom at this indoor playground the other day. As she packed up to leave, she picked up her one-year-old, popped him into her ring sling, and away they went – her hands free with him comfortably nestled on her hip. Then I thought. I need one of those.

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Clay Achin’

I am a jewelry snob of the highest order. So if I say I’m coveting something, you must believe I’m talking full-tilt, biblical scale, commandment-busting covetousness.

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Knit One, Laugh Two

Back when I was decorating the nursery, I was not exactly in love with the cookie-cutter mobiles in all of the baby chain stores. Come to think of it, if they had actually been cookie cutters I’d have liked them way more than the cheaply assembled satin ballerinas or polyester barnyard animals hanging from plastic hangers.

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