Month: July 2006

Bob’s Yer Uncle

If you haven’t yet caught on to the indie-rock-for-kids movement, Plays Well With Others, the new release from Uncle Rock would be a briliant place to start.

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And Then Miss Muffet Smashed Her Guitar Into Tiny Bits. The End.

I’ve got no beef with fairy tales and nursery rhymes characters–on the bookshelf. But in the dresser? Not so much my style. Fortunately, Hollywood mom and designer Tracy Bobbitt has more imagination than I do. In her wonderful world of Crib Rock Couture, classic kids characters are reimagined as rock stars on the road.

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Be the Envy of The Entire Gym

I try to lay low during my infrequent workouts. No fancy footwear or coordinating clothes to bring any attention to myself or my built-by-Krispy Kreme hips.But with one of these Euro-chic aluminum SIGG water bottles at Reusable Bags, I’m bound to up my gym status without even joining the marathon club.

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Only a Baby’s Butt is Softer

You’vebeen there before: You get the baby shower invite, peruse the registry, and try to figure out what you can buy that will actually be of use. And let’s be honest, a "keepsake blanket" is probably not at the top of your list. Isn’t that just a polite way of saying "blanket that goes in the cedar chest covered with moth balls?"

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Like a Monkey on Your Back

My back hurts. New moms know what I’m talking about–it’s all that lugging around baby blankets and baggies full of Cheerios and water bottles and diapers. And in my case, multiple hats. Always multiple hats.

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Nice Package

I’m a sucker for great wrapping. Yep, I’m the one at gift exchanges who instead of shaking the box and examining its size and shape picks a present solely on the pretty paper — even as I end up the proud owner of a new electronic nose hair trimmer.

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I’m Pining for Some Wood

With an anti-sleep toddler, I barely have time to get a shower, let alone match jewelry to an outfit. But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to sacrifice my stylish tendencies. Itjust means that I need pieces that can multi-itask as competently as I try to.

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The Rhythm is Going to Get You

Every once in a while, I come upon some new children’s music that makes me want to grab other parents on the street, plop my headphones over their head and scream, "You’ve got to hear this!" Frances England is one of these arists.

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When You’re Too Sleep-Deprived to Cut Through the BS

As a new mom, it’s hard to know where to turn for good advice. There are several websites offering free newsletters, which at their best clutter up your in-box unopened. At their worst, they make you feel like if you don’t buy a particular developmental toy from their online store right now now NOW, your child will grow up to rob banks and torture small animals.

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Let’s Hear it For Less Laundry!

We all know that any eating, drooling, or art-making extravaganza on the part of your toddler is never pretty. But while you may successfully protect your child’s cute top with a smock, the pants are never so lucky.

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