Month: September 2006

Skip*Hop Goes Domestic

My kitchen is overflowing with useful but highly unattractive items designed to clean, sanitize, and organize baby feeding paraphernalia. I’m sure visitors wonder what kind of illicit chemistry lab we’re running with all the clinical looking gizmos and gadgets covering every inch of counter space. Fortunately, our friends at Skip*Hop – yes, makers of those great diaper bags – have brought harmony back to the kitchen.

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When I was about eight, we took a big family trip to France. I still remember how fancy I felt coming home with a suitcase full of J’aime Paris tee shirts and TinTin comic books, along with the ability to say "more chocolate croissants please," in French.

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Excuse Me, Is That a Monster on Your Head?

Hooray for hat season! I’ve been waiting all summer for the weather to turn cold so I can actually get my toddler to keep something other than spaghetti sauce and noodle bits on her head.

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When the Bottle and Boob are Distant Memories

There’s something so sweetly simple about an infant, especially when it comes to the feeding. But then, after the rice cereal and stage one foods are no longer sufficient, the panic sets in. (Admit it – just a little.)

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You really haven’t lived until you’ve been peed on by your baby boy…in the eye. Or even worse, when he pees in his own eye. Call me crazy, but I prefer to skip this portion of the diaper change and get on with the cooing and toe nibbling. Which is why I love the Whizz Kid Weeblock.

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Rock the Belly, Baby

Being pregnant doesn’t mean turning into Frumpo McFrump. In fact there is nothing wrong with being Sexy McSexypants or Rock McRoll when you’re with child in the 21st century. Which is why I’m totally crushing on LAB40’s custom pregger tees.

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Organized from Day One

It is a known fact that the phenomenon known as Pregnancy Brain is a misnomer, as it lasts well into that first postpartum year. I swear it took a good six months for me to remember to write down the pediatrician appointments, let alone actually showing up on the right day. If i had had a Busy Babe organizer, I might have been a little…well, more organized.

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Homegrown Music

If you need to escape some of the more commercial-sounding kids’ music that has been playing on a loop in your CD player (and in your brain – get it out!), Elizabeth Mitchell’s new release, You Are My Little Bird, will clear your head for sure.

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Back in Block

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was building mini kingdoms with my brothers’ wooden blocks. There was something entirely gratifying about building big towers and castles – and then knocking them all down with one fell swoop.

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