No One Has To Know There are Diapers in There

There are so many diaper bags out there, it can make your head spin. But what’s hard to find is one that really suits the artsy mom who doesn’t really see herself carrying a diaper bag in the first place (let alone a baby). Still, those waterproof interiors are pretty convenient…
The funky diaper sacs from Rebe are just the thing for the reluctant diaper tote toters of the world. Mom and daughter team Debra Weiss and Hillery Sproatt custom-create bags from beautiful bohemian fabrics that definitely scream "RISD grad" before "baby on board." The only thing that gives them away? A funky Asian patch on front depicting children.
The adjustable strap keeps things comfy. And the oilcloth lining and included changing pad help you justify the low three-figure pricetag – it really is made for babies, see?
Extra cool bonus: You can specify the style and color you’ve got in mind and Debra will send you a photo of the fabric, so you can give the thumbs up before she makes it. Psst…the Matilde overnight totes also make a fine Pampers carrier in disguise. Get both? –Liz[via rebecca at babble]
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