Two, Two, Two Pants in One

I love the concept of reversible kids clothes. And not just because I’m a shameless laundry avoider. It’s more so because I am at times too indecisive to choose between two items–I want them both. So when I came across the entirely reversible swingy, Springy pants from So Anna I knew they were calling to me.
The brightly colored vintage-inspired cotton pants are lined with contrasting but complimentary fabrics. Roll up a cuff and flash the lining, or simply turn them inside out the next week and pretend it’s a whole new pair of pants. They’re just begging to be paired with a little white tee plus sandals destined to be kicked off before long.
They’re everything I wish I could wear in a pant myself: slouchy, comfy, and attention-grabbing. Sadly, it’s a look that really only looks good on my daughter these days. -Liz
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Cool Mom Staff

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