Arts and Science

As part of my ongoing crusade as a lover of science, my girls are exploring the natural world through trips to planetariums or even just finding ladybugs in the backyard. But I never expected that I could encourage science through art.
The prints from Katey Nicosia, owner and founder of hip indie craft/design shop One Good Bumblebee, capture my excitement for science in the form of beautiful, limited edition collages (numbered and signed) made with eye-catching colors and unique combinations of pictures. I promise you’ll discover new details each time you look at them. I especially love that the print Science (shown here) features a woman and two young girls. Let’s break that boys-only paradigm for good!
With this art at home on your little girl’s bedroom wall, maybe she’ll be inspired to become a regular at the local science center. Even if she does do it in a tutu and princess crown. –Julie

Cool Mom Staff

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