Oh, To Be a Bird on the Wall…

I’ve found beautiful and timeless children’s artwork before, but Alena Hennessy’s latest collection of giclee prints, the Quiet Dream series, are among the first I’ve seen that I could live with in my own bedroom as well. And as we all know, there’s something to be said for kid’s artwork that isn’t outgrown along with the 12-18 month onesies.
As with her earlier Garden Whimsy collection, the artist’s prints feature birds, animals and foliage painted in an elegant yet colorful palette. The simple scenes truly inspire the imagination as you gaze at them, and I love the calming presence they lend to a nursery.
Besides, it’s kind of nice when visitors react with, "where did you get that?" instead of "oh, I have that one too!" –Julie

Cool Mom Staff

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