A Dry Heiny is a Happy Heiny

If you’ve been wavering on whether or not to cloth diaper your child, we might have found something to seal the deal. Although sorry, it isn’t totally odorless poop that magically disappears on contact with air.Enter Happy Heiny’s pocket diapers — the closest thing to a disposable diaper we’ve found. Created by mom Linda Byerline, who still stays up late nights to sew the diapers herself, these dipes featurea stuffable pocket, soft milled fleece, and lots of colorful solids and cool patterns. (Robots! Skateboarders!) Plus they’re the only pocket-style diapers that come with both velcro and snaps.
If it weren’t for the cute patterns just in time for summer–okay, and the laundry too–you’d never know you were using a cloth diaper. -Kristen
Purchase your Happy Heiny’s here.

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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