A is for Anhui, B is for Beijing

As a writer I’ve always subscribed to the adage, "write what you know." And I assume the same goes for other art forms as well. (Paper maché what you know!) So it’s not surprising that prolific illustrator and photographer Stephanie Wise began creating a spectacular series of modern adoption art in 2005 after setting off on her own adoption journey.
Lucky for us, Stephanie’s not just stockpiling it for her own daughter when she finally arrives from China; she’s turned her designs into giclee fine art prints, now available through her site, Jiinkin Kids.
Some of the pieces are very specifically inspired by Chinese adoptions, like the colorful ABCs of China’s Provinces (shown here) or the serene personalized Qui Pao print. Then some, like Jumping Rope or Red Mary Janes would suit any little girl’s room–whether she hails from Wuhan or Wichita.
Stephanie’s daughter is going to be one lucky girl indeed. On many counts. – LizCongats to Becky F who won her own giclee print from Jiinkin Kids.

Cool Mom Staff

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