I’ve just discovered another go-to baby gift to add to my list: The beautiful Noo Noo comfort blankets available at chic new online emporium, Twig.Made of washable lambswool and felted, they’ve got the requisite softness and cuddle-factor of any good lovey. The charming embroidered designs are inspired by children’s artwork, plus there are all these engaging little knots and flaps and parts for babies to touch (i.e. chew on). If you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to go with your blanket, snap up one of the Lambtails, a nice alternative to the ubiquitous stuffed animals.
While you’re on the site which is beautifully curated by mom Elizabeth Burbage, be sure to check out the imported and handmade array of baby clothes. Just verify that you’ve got lots of room left on the Visa firsst. –Liz
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Congrats to Winner Allison S who won the slugbug mini baby blanket from Twig.