The Smarter Animal Alphabet

I will be honest, when I got wind of another line of alphabet tees for tots, I wasn’t expecting much. But whoa! Where are the silly illustrations? Where’s that old chestnut, C is for Cat?Clearly these are no ordinary alphabet tees–they’re the result of The Alphabet Project from Biome 5. (Sounds so X Files, doesn’t it?) The 26 organic cotton shirts feature modern duotones of real, as-they-are-in-nature animals in striking, not-quite-in-nature color combos.
It’s all the thinking of a couple of architectural designers who are so smart it made my head hurt a little to read their explanation about why the animal names on the shirts are upside down. But then I saw them on kids who couldn’t stop looking at their own shirts, feeling special that those words were just for them to read. And I got it.
Like I said, smart.
By the way, Biome 5’s website has about the cutest photo gallery you’ve ever seen. –Liz
Congrats to winners Shannon S and Lauren D who each won a tee of their choice.

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