Surviving Those Nine Long Margarita-Free Months

I was a bit cynical when I first cracked the cover of The Newly Non-Drinking Girl’s Guide to Pregnancy: Advice and Support for Surviving 40 Weeks without a Cosmopolitan. "Surviving" without a Cosmopolitan? Isn’t that overstating the case a wee bit, or are there really social butterflies out there for whom a day without a mojito is like a day without sunshine?
Answers: Yes and yes. And the book is still terrific.
Authors Jackie Rose and Dr. Caroline Angel have penned quite the clever little tome on gestational abstinence. It’s got a casual, accessible voice–almost like reading your favorite funny blogger– and the authors strike the perfect balance between cracking jokes and imparting important info.
Pick up a copy and you’ll learn whether that bender in Vegas before you saw those two pink lines on the stick is worth freaking out about. And how long to wait after breastfeeding to grab a Guinness. You’ll find great ideas on how to "drink" around your coworkers before you’ve come out of the gestational closet, and OB-sanctioned ways to get a buzz during pregnancy. (Think chocolate. And sex. Sometimes together.) The fifty alcohol-free drink recipes throughout the book from professional mixologists is an especially nice touch. Even after the nine months are up, when you’ve still got a few pounds to lose. Ahem. -Liz

Cool Mom Staff

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