Who Doesn’t Like Jimmies?

God love the Wonderpets soundtrack, but I’m just about one long car ride away from "accidentally" cracking the CD in half. So on a recent trip, I was happy to have another CD on hand to try out: The premier album from NY-based kids band, The Jimmies, Make Your Own Someday: Silly Songs for the Shorter Set.
Frontwoman/songwriter Ashley Albert sounds like your favorite 80s girl-band singer, and hearing it made me instantly happy; just listen to the second track, Bedhead (samples at CD Baby), and try to disagree. The tunes on the album are bouncy and kicky and just plain pop-tastic, thanks to bandmates with serious music cred.
From their website alone you can tell the band is having a grand old time doing what they do, and the album absolutely reflects it. It would be hard to imagine a kid that didn’t make this a well-played staple of his music repertoire. Get your own at gimmejimmies.com or from CD Baby.
I think my 2 year-old is still a wee bit young for Make Your Own Someday. But I’m going to put it aside in the glove compartment and wait. Not too patiently, either. –Liz
Congrats to Nicole P who won her own autographed CD

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