Tiny Bubbles, A.K.A. Drool

With my son’s tooth making anappearancejust a week ago, we have moved passed the cute little drool-y bib stage and into the full-on "sop-it-up" type bib. But I want one that makes me drool too.
Well Aloha Bella Bubs — a California based company started by mom Wendy Gloeckner that offers a lot of bib for your buck. Her handmade bib/burp cloth sets are hearty enough to do the job they’re meant to do, but they do it with vintage-inspired fabrics like the Hawaiian print shown here, backed with soft cotton chenille. Got a surfer in the family? Score.
If only I could get closer to a Hawaiian waterfall than the wringing out of my son’s sopping bib. -Kristen
Congrats to winner Kim C!

Cool Mom Staff

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