Month: January 2007

C-Ellabrate Good Times

It’s almost hard to imagine, but children’s music hasn’t always been as wide ranging as it is today. However, there were some early pioneers, like the wonderful Ella Jenkins.

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The Magic Kingdom? Down the Hall, Turn Right at the Bathroom

Craftiness is not my forte. Which means no, I’m not going to be painting a mural or stenciling a border in the new baby’s nursery any time soon. But there is something to be said for having some wall art over her crib that can’t possibly fall on her head.

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I’m Tiger Woods. A Very, Very Small Tiger Woods.

It’s February which means at long last, I can start counting the minutes until I have my family intact on Sundays again. Of course it’s only a matter of weeks until I trade my football widow status for my golf widow status. And sadly, that’s not limited to one day a week.

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Shower Invites That Get The Crazed, Hormonal Nutjob Seal of Approval

While I’m pretty laid back in most areas of my life, as far as party planning I cannot let one detail go overlooked–handpicked favors, handmade invites, the works. When it came time for my baby shower, you can imagine that I was a full-blown nutcase.

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Shouldn’t the Baby Smell Better After the Bath?

I have learned over the past 18 months that fancy packaging is no indication of a great baby lotion. I started with the highest-end, la-di-da, imported line of products, only to find they reeked like a perfume counter saleswoman exploded all over the nursery. Now I’m doubly skeptical of anything until I try it myself.

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Or Something Far More Embarrassing)

I’ll suspend my cynicism for a moment and assume that Valentine’s Day really is all about celebrating love. Even so, why would you save up all of your sentiments and hard-earned cash and blow the entire wad on a single day? I say, spread the love around during the rest of the year too!

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Trunki gives a whole new meaning to dragging kids through the airport.

Anyone who travels with kids certainly knows that anything–anything at all–to make the ordeal a wee bit less ordeal-like is worth its weight in gold. The Trunki seems to fit the bill. It’s a lightweight kids’ suitcase, just under 4 lbs, that converts to fun little ride-on toy.

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Say Goodbye to Preggo Brain

With all the hormones rushing through my body and my brain cells being sucked awayby the minute,there’s no way I could possibly keep up with everything that goes along with having a baby. OB check-up stats? Baby Registry? Daycare interview? Ack!

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