Month: January 2007

Big is Always Better (At Least With Jewelry)

During pregnancy, you might be obsessing with all things small. But when it comes to jewelry and a few other things in life, I’m the first one to admit that bigger is definitely better.

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Rawkin’ Before They’re Tawkin’

There’s no shortage of kids clothing with attitude if you know where to look. As in, get out of the malls and hit the web (with Cool Mom Picks being your first stop, of course).

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The Maternity Three-Way

I can personally attest to the fact that by the time you pop that baby out, you’re ready to burn all your maternity clothes. Not just because most of them aren’t up to your prepartum style standards, but because you wear them so much you’re just damn tired of looking at them. With that in mind, the 3-in-1 dress from NEST by Swanky Maternity is that perfect addition to the maternity closet

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The Wonderful, Terrible Twos

Those of us who have ever dated a musician (ahem) can agree that deep down, they are all children. Which is why it’s perfectly logical that the faces of a hip act like, say, The New Amsterdams, also are the minds and mouths behind a fantastic new kids’ band.

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Mom Created, Dad Approved: BabyHawk Carriers

There is no shortage of moms writing in to Cool Mom Picks to recommend their favorite infant carriers. But when a new dad takes the time to rave about one, let’s just say we’re anxious to see what the deal is.

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Fighting the Winter Blahs With Baubles

While Spring is still a good several blizzards off, at least its start will happen in this calendar year. Which means that already my head is onto woven bags, lightweight trenches, and updates to the wardrobe that don’t include black, brown or grey.So I’m loving the Chalcedony Cleo necklace from mom and talented designer Lisa Van-Horn of LisaJayne jewelry.

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The Perfect Swaddling Blanket, a.k.a. The Sound of Silence

Swaddling inspired total fear in me as a new mom. I knew it was an essential part of getting the baby to stop crying for two seconds; it’s just that it seemed like one more new skill that my postpartum brain wouldn’t be able to handle.

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Hit the Road, Jack. And Emma.

Balancing the everyday logistics of work and home: No problem. Planning a vacation for our family of four: Problem. I become paralyzed with information overload, and all I want is for someone I trust to give me the real scoop on what to pack, where to go, and what to do.

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Dinner for One, Hold the Microbes

Whoever invented the Tiny Diner Portable Placemat has definitely walked a mile in my shoes. Whenever we go out to eat, I have no choice but to put pieces of food right on the table because my year-old son is known to send his plates sailing without so much as a head’s up, suckas!

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