Keeping the Boogeyman At Bay

So what do you do when you and your sweet little fairy princess or cute pea pod or happy clown run to answer the door tonight only to find…17 year-old trick-or-treaters wielding machetes with bloody eyeballs hanging off the blades?

1) Hope it doesn’t require therapy. 2) Jot it all down in a Nightmare Snatcher Journal from Spiderbite Boutique.

Artist Sarah Jane Evans’ brilliant handmade journals are equal parts fuzzy, fun and ferocious. Each one features 50 tea-stained pages, a tail for a bookmark, and an incantation to ensure the monster takes those nightmares off your kids’ hands.

Although I do hope your little ones’ biggest fear tonight is that Mommy eats all the Reeses. –Liz 

Happy Halloween from Team CMP.

Congratulations to winner N.M.!

Cool Mom Staff

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