Month: October 2007

Oh Those Clever Dutch

I love poking around European kids shops because the sensibility is just a little…different than ours. Think fewer fire trucks appliqués, and more apples on stilts doing ballet while wearing French poodle masks. Or something like that. Zazou is a fabulous Netherlands-based shop featuring creative duds for the under-four set, from independent designers that we are swooning over. Now let’s just pretend for a minute that the US dollar was actually worth something these days. My shortlist would include the knitted hoodie dress from Kidscase, raglan tees from Petit Louis, and pretty much everything from the Dutch Design Bakery....

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Getting Kozy

If you think a car seat cover is frivolous, I can give you plenty of reasons why you might need one. Aside from the invaluable protection against juice and other not-so-friendly fluids, it can also de-genderize a verrrrry pink or navy blue car seat passed down from an older sibling or cousin.

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