Dreaming of Boobs. And…Boobs. Maybe Also Boobs.

People often ask me what my baby girl really wears. Is she always in fabulous, splurge-y one-of-a-kind pieces?

Um, no. 

Case in point: One of my favorite go-to garments is the sweet, simple dreamer onesie, courtesy of mom Kristin Hammond’s shop, Baby Brewing. Designed by her sister, writer and illustrator Jen Lemen, it’s great quality cotton, beautifully screen printed, and I just love the message. Plus in easy shades of pink or blue, it goes with pretty much any pair of hand-me-down bottoms we’ve got crammed into the drawer.

I mean…any pair of outrageously awesome $200 hand-cut denim infant jeans that I have meticulously folded over a scented hanger. –Liz 

Congratulations to winner Abbey R!

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