Europe on $40 a Day

When I was little, I was lucky enough to go to this super cool place in Holland called Madurodam, an entire city done in miniature. You could even drop a coin into certain displays and watch a teeny wedding party enter a teeny cathedral or have a teeny boat cruise down a real teeny canal–it was absolute magic.

Ever since then, I’ve loved those play sets of that recreate little European villages. We found a charming one at the Wooden Wagon, a fantastic source for beautiful wooden and folk art toys. While the 17 pieces of this miniature town don’t include coin-op bridesmaids, there is an ox-drawn cart and a wooden well. Nice break from your average plastic farm set. Plus they’re made in the centuries-old toymaking village of Seiffen, Germany.

This year, imaginary Europe for the holidays. Next year, maybe the real one. – Liz

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Cool Mom Staff

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