The Ultimate Bottle: According to the Company, and According to Me

Confession: I used to think nipple confusion was a myth invented by lactivists to keep kids on the boob. And then my second girl came along and, holy sleepless night, Batman, she would not take a bottle, no way no how.

I asked – no, begged – friends, family, strangers on the street for any help and a few benevolent, wonderful souls me towards the Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle. My lifesaver!

This super innovative bottle looks and feels enough like a boob to get you kicked off a United Flight when you whip it out. It’s supple, soft, and absolutely Bisphenol A-free so no worries using a microwave, bottle warmer, or giving it a spin in the dishwasher. Plus – Hooray for fewer parts to wash. It’s just one piece plus the screw-on base which even has some gas-reducing thingie built-into it.

There are three sizes but my 4 month-old was fine with the fast flow orange one. Get a bunch (if they’re not on backorder). Whether you’ve got a kid with nipple issues or you just want a better, easier, safer bottle.

Even if the kid’s still on the boob, there’s infinite value in sharing feeding duties at night. Trust me. –Liz 

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply January 15, 2011


    The Adiri was a life saver with my 2nd. Holy Moly this bottle is amazing!

  • Reply March 26, 2011


    Please help me figure out I would love to continue to breastfeed but want to work and would rather my son be on a bottle but he will not take it for nothing it is so hard and I need help to figure out how to put him on one please I need advise on how to get him on a bottle….

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