Yet Another Reason to Wear Your Baby

After wandering around a conference for two straight days with my son in a sling, I realized a couple of things: 1. He’s pretty darn heavy. 2. It didn’t matter what I wore because the only thing anyone could see all weekend was my sling.

Knowing your baby carrier is going to be the focus of your wardrobe for months, I strongly suggest these ones designed by mom Tonjia Coverdale of Divas n Babes Boutique. A college professor turned momtrepreneur, Tonjia’s slings are extra stylish, featuring gorgeous fabric combinations including luxe cottons and dupioni silks, plus her signature asymmetrical tail.

While the ring sling can take a bit of practice, they’re extremely versatile, particularly when you’ve got an older baby. And if yours is as big as mine as, trust me when I tell you a sling sturdy enough and stylish enough is not an easy find. -Kristen

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