Month: November 2007

The Princess and the Pen

I’m not a fan of princess-y stuff per se, but I’m not above using small doses of it here and there when it’s really needed. So when we came across the EpiPen Princess, a pink pouch for holding potentially life-saving injectors for kids with allergies, I thought yep. Good use of the sparkly crown motif. For less than $35 CA, if it’s going to make your princess more likely to toss it into her backpack or overnight bag, that’s $35 well spent. What the heck, toss in a tiara too. She’s earned it. –Liz [thanks,...

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Paging Dr. Mom

Seems like every time my girls and I hit the neighborhood playground, there’s a mini injury of some sort. We’ve had the bee sting, the bloody nose, the scraped knee, and the invisible boo-boo that needs more TLC than Neosporin. You know the one. The MediBuddy, the junior companion to the MediBag is the perfect solution to my traveling treatment woes. This family-invented portable first aid kit includes everything you need to soothe minor scrapes: Antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, even crayon-shaped bandages. And just like the doctor’s office, there’s an assortment of smiley face stickers to chase away the...

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Sugar Skulls to Go With That Sugar Cereal

Happy Dia de los Muertos! Or, as I think of it, single coolest holiday not yet imported to America. If you’re celebrating, or if you’re just a fan of the sugar skull motif, we found this colorful Day of the Dead melamine dish set to get your kids in the spirit. I can think of no more fitting tribute to the venerated ancestors who have come before us than to dump a few cups of Dora cereal over their symbolic heads each morning.  Or go ironic. Serve Life. –Liz  [via...

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Not Your Mother’s Polyester

I’m a mom who tends towards cottons and natural fabrics. So when I heard about the quick-drying kids duds from Milk Factory I admit I was skeptical.  But I’ve come around. Two smart Vancouver momtrepreneurs created this line of quick-drying performance gear and yep, it actually is quick drying. So they’re really great for active kids on the playground or the bunny slopes–or for teething babies like mine who spend half the day wet with drool because I forgot to pack 16 bibs in our diaper bag. The fabrics are all SPF 40 for the summer, and in the...

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Geneticist Humor

Yes, I’m pregnant. No, it’s not my first. It’s a boy, and yes, we have a name. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to talk to that person over there who’s going to ask me the very same questions. Pregnancy brings out the curiosity from everyone around you – and I do mean everyone. So the tees from Due and Sprout might just be a pregnant woman’s new best friend. Comfy cotton, flattering fits, and pithy answers to those common questions like First and Twins, which, come to think of it, may beg more unwanted questions....

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Just Call Her Spike

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but this mellow mama’s got a punk rock interior. Fortunately (I think) my older daughter’s inherited a bit of my hidden dramatic side. So we had the best time recently playing with the Hair Putty from Love Me Baby Me, a line of natural, vegan and paraben-free baby skin and hair products. This fun styling product (and apparently the only non-toxic one on the market for kids) had Mimi’s normally flat, fine hair bouncing with body and curl — and did I mention the spiky bangs? A huge hit for one...

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