Ponytail Moms, Be Not Ashamed

As an avid ponytail wearer, I’m always left with a conundrum when it comes to winter hats. Do I just suck it up and deal with hat head?

Not according to Girl32, a company founded by two women with a love of fashion and a knack for clever design. Their beanie cap with buttons up the back that allows you to pull your hear through the back just might be a mom’s new best friend. Well, a lazy mom that always sticks her hair in a ponytail like me.

Make sure to check out Girl32’s equally smart scarves with a handy zippered cell phone/key pocket and gloves designed to quickly expose your fingers for text messaging ,or more likely, Cheerio picker-upping.

Can’t choose between them? Ask for one of their sets this holiday season. Considering how many other fashion issues we have to deal with thanks to kids, Girl32’s fashionable fashion-savers will certainly be a welcome surprise under the tree. -Kristen

Congratulations to lucky winner Susan M!

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.

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