Month: April 2007

Crib Sheets Made for Sleeping

As adorable as they generally are, kids can be an assault on the senses. Their rooms are littered with plastic toys, most of which emit ear-splitting sounds and require daily battery changes, and their walls are painted with rainbows and clowns and construction equipment. Is it any wonder that the darlings have trouble falling asleep in there?

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The Writing on the Wall

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best parts about being the grown up in the house involves the simple fact that I can write whatever I’d like on the walls if I so choose.

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Making Grandma’s (Mothers’) Day

I am not a diy-er, crafter, Martha-in-training, or whatever you want to call people who have the genius ability to make things that don’t look, well, like they made them. This is not a big deal until my own mother gets on the phone and tells me to "make her something" for Mother’s Day. And I don’t think she’s referring to the new grandbaby on the way.

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Lick My Manolo

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for me to troll for two of my favorite indulgences – accessories, and chocolate. Although I admit I wasn’t expecting to encounter both rolled into one.

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How Do You Say “Awesome” in Italian?

As a lover of all things multi-cultural, I am on the hunt for quality baby gear that is both inclusive and multilingual. I mean, I get the charm of diapers embroidered with ‘Oui Oui!’ but I’ve been looking for something a little more…classic.

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Jackson Pollock for Your Ears

Whenever I hear about a new "alternative" kids album, I grab it off the shelf, listen hopefully to the acoustic arrangement of "Sheri Had a Little Lamb" (or whatever) and bang my discerning ear drums against a wall. To me, music should be serious business. And by business, I mean something more tolerable than your average American Idol tryout. More artistic integrity, less Sanjaya.

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Cards For Moms Who are More Than Moms

I never saw myself as the mommy calling card type – you know, someone who would have a stack of cutesie little cards giving me a job title like "So-and-So’s Mommy" But then, I never saw calling cards like the ones from Hello Ink.

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Born Into Luxury

The selection of the perfect moses basket has become one of those over-the-top rituals of the new mother-to-be. I can’t tell you how many friends I saw absolutely frenetic over finding exactly the right first sleepy place for their new little guy or gal.

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Nursing in Vogue

With baby #1 I was all about the receiving blanket when I nursed al fresco. This time around, I’m doing it in higher style. The nursing cover-ups from My Turtle Baby may in fact be the best-looking ones I’ve ever seen.

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