Month: April 2007

Sunday Driver

When I first had a baby I remember very distinctly getting the single word of advice: Zutano. My friend turned out to know what she was talking about. I loved the mix and match, durable styles for newborns, never having any idea that this mom-and-pop run company (turned fashion force to be reckoned with) also made cool stuff that older kids could get into. Now I know.

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Finding Your Child Through Art

My five year old is on a mission to find herself–not through junior self-help seminars, but in every movie poster, magazine ad, or book cover she sees. Mimi will exclaim, "I’ll pretend to be that little girl in the picture, Momma. You can be the cow." (I don’t love being the cow.)

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Finding Nemo? Well, Not Here.

Boys can be just as fickle as girls, and household budgets can’t always accommodate tastes that shift each time a new cartoon hits the big screen.

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Family Jules

Keepsakes make me cringe (sorry, keepsake fans) as do sappy baby mama gifts. This is not because I’m some sort of cynical, unfeeling hipster, but rather because I’ve found most baby mementos to be anywhere from meaningless to downright goofy.

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Because I’m the Mommy, That’s Why

It doesn’t seem that long ago that when someone mentioned The Rules, my mind leaped to "don’t accept a Friday date on a Thursday," as opposed to, "no eating the cat litter." How quickly things change.

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Viva La Revolution!

I’m always looking for great political kids’ tees because really, what is more 2007 than a toddler with a cause? But the fact is, most of the threads look like the design was an afterthought. Why can’t socially-conscious families dress their kids in hip clothes too? Does it always have to look like some guy in the mall just stamped "No War" on a ratty tee in iron-on letters and called it a day?

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Little Green Thumbs

There’s no better way to honor Earth Day than to grow something. Anything. That is, something besides mold on the expired sour cream in the back of the fridge. Or is that just me?

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Saving the Earth One Sore Nipple at a Time

We know the decision to breastfeed has nothing to do with saving the planet. But when you’re slathering on the Lansinoh, it’s nice to have in the back of your mind that you’re doing something more than just sustaining your own flesh and blood (like there’s a more honorable cause).

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The Highlight of Their Month

My daughter is a freak for magazines — heck, she’ll even spend hours with the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. So, when I found out about Highlight’s new 2-5 yearpublication, High-Five, I knew it would be a big hit.

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Excuse Me But Are Those Diapers in Your Wallet?

While we’ve had no shortage of diaper clutches to review here at Cool Mom Picks, I have yet to find one that really truly doesn’t look like one. Not that that’s a huge problem, but still, it’s nice to have an option that doesn’t scream “baby crap inside!”

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