Month: April 2007

Git Along Little Raindrops

With two little girls, I’ve got boxes full of dress-up clothes for rainy days. Fringed flapper dresses, feather boas, and sequinned high heels – they’ve got it all. But why should girls have all the fun?

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Plush Is an Understatement

With all the oodles of baby blankets on the market, it’s certainly hard to pick a favorite. But if you’ve got a picky mom with a penchant for all things plush, then we’ve got just the thing.

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Oooooh, Balmy

I’ve got enough in my diaper bag without having to worry about the hundred products I might want to add come spring–Calamine, lip balm, Neosporin, blah blah blah. But after trying a sample of Bye Bye Boo Boo from Zen Momma, I think I’ve just pared down my kit by about 16 pounds.

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Home Run Style

Now that baseball season is in full swing (haha) we’ve had our eye out for appropriate kids duds that transcend the same old same old. Not that there’s anything wrong with an authentic Derek Jeter jersey (Bosox fans, hold your tongues) but we like it when our kids can stand out a bit in the crowd of 15,000 at the stadium.

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Dear Mr. Darcy…

I always feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel when I pull out a box of fancy cards. Like I’m a 21st century Emma. Or Gwyneth Paltrow–in a good way. And with the new Glitzy & Golden cards from Dorothy Teng’s Charlyn Koo Design Studio , I suddenly I feel like writing Mark Darcy a sassy, solicitous letter.

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Jonesin’ for Some Soda

While I’m a fairly noncompetitive person, and I’m not so much about the one-upping around the birthday party circuit, I have to ooh and ahh over what has got to be the coolest party favor ever for my daughter’s next bash.

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Keep On Rockin’ In the Preschool

It’s never too early to introduce your kiddos to the joys of rock. Oh sure, they’ll eventually rebel, coming home from high school blasting Steve and Eydie from their 16th generation iPods. But there’s no reason you can’t at least start them off on an acceptable musical path.

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Kids Art With a Longer Shelf Life

As I’ve learned rather quickly–too quickly–the artwork you buy for your baby’s nursery might seem…well, babyish in a very short matter of time. Those sweet little Peter Rabbit prints that made you teary when your boy was just a babe in arms aren’t cutting it now that he’s three and answers to the name Mr. Destructo.

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Be Vewy Quiet…I’m Hunting Giwaffes

As you may well know, for moms with a shoe thing, Cool Mom Picks can be a dangerous place. And I count myself among you. Consider yourself warned before you click over to super talented designer Janaina Vaugn’s online Etsy shop, Olilo.

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