Month: May 2007

New Uses for Old Kimonos

Considering how many barrettes my daughter trades away to her friends on the playground, I don’t often get excited about one-of-a-kind hair accessories.

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Sealed With a Goose

Nothing says "last minute afterthought" than a present in a regifted gift bag. Believe me, I was the worst offender. But since having children, there’s just something about watching a little one tear through a nicely wrapped package that warms my heart.

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Shocking Father’s Day Gift Suggestion: Not a Tie

We all know that dads dread bad Father’s Day ties and golf shirts just as much as we dread carnations and generic store-brand chocolates. But sometimes, thanks to lack of time and/or brain cells, we grab what we can, sign our kid’s name to it and call it a day. (Or is that just me?)

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Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?

In these past few years as a parent, I’ve picked up several pearls of wisdom. 1.) Never leave your kid alone in the bathroom. 2.) No matter how late you put them to bed, they’ll still wake up early. 3.) Clothes that can be worn several different ways are priceless.

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Pick Your Decade

I’ve loved the vintage look since long before vintage became fashionable. (I know, I know…everyone says it.) And while I occasionally pine for the adventure of finding treasures among the piles at thrift stores, these days I’m doing more of it online.

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Oh, To Be a Bird on the Wall…

I’ve found beautiful and timeless children’s artwork before, but Alena Hennessy’s latest collection of giclee prints, the Quiet Dream series, are among the first I’ve seen that I could live with in my own bedroom as well. And as we all know, there’s something to be said for kid’s artwork that isn’t outgrown along with the 12-18 month onesies.

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Wood-n’t it Be Lovely?

I can’t seem to escape the beaded jewelry these days. And while I see my fair share of amazing artistry, I’m sort of over the whole "I took anart class and now I make earrings" type of stuff that seems to be clogging way too many jewelry boxes.

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Swimming with Konfidence

It’s Memorial Day – as in the official start of swim season. I know, I know, it’s just too hard to choose between trombone for toddlers and, pre-k/ickboxing. But whether you’re the type to go overboard on kids’ activities or not, I hope you’re fitting swim lessons in there somewhere.

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Lullabies Not Just a Mother Could Love

Working with children for many years has exposed me to copious amounts of "kid music," most of which is very—um—catchy. (Read: it runs on an endless loop inside your head, making you want to schedule yourself for a lobotomy.)

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Because New Dads Are in For The Shock of a Lifetime Too

It seems that poor dads-to-be get shafted in the baby gifts department. Sure, maybe they’re not so into opening up cute onesies or the softest burp cloths, but that doesn’t mean the dads don’t deserve a little token too come shower time.

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