Month: June 2007

Do Babies All Have to Be Einsteins?

If you gave birth within the last ten years, the odds are about 4 in 5 that you’ve got one of those make your baby a rocket scientist DVDs on your shelf. Because even if you steered away from such things yourself, someone else thought it was a fabulous shower gift. Am I right?

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Like You Needed Another Reason to Buy More Books

At the request of my husband, I have curtailed my purchases of hordes of children’s books for my avid little reader. And while being relegated to the library isn’t such a bad thing, there’s something about a crisp new book that I just can’t let go of.

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Made In the Shade

I can’t be the only one who, in a fit of desperation, draped a receiving blanket over the top of my stroller to shield my sleeping baby from the sun. And I certainly can’t be the only one who couldn’t enjoy the silence of a napping child because I was totally sure she was deprived of oxygen under there.

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The Thymes They Are A-Changin’

I’ve been a fan of The Thymes line of bath and beauty products ever since the sigOth and I first spotted them in a great boutique on vacation years ago. He wanted the fig leaf-cassis candle, I wanted the lavender lotion. We compromised – by buying forty different things.

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Pocketbook On Wheels

Since we all know that women only buy cars based on the cupholders (is my scarcasm coming across?) the same might go for strollers. Then again, the top strollers don’t necessarily have the best Diet Coke storage, to say nothing of easy access to all your other junk.

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Breaking News: City Girls Wear Color!

For those of you under the impression that we urban dwellers have wardrobes consisting of black, black, and black…well, you’d be right. But according to the City Girls magnetic dress up dolls there are a few other options.

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Party Animals

I’m a firm believer that children can appreciate the tunes as they were intended to be heard–i.e. singers that don’t make you pray for an irreparable crack in the CD–if you just give them a chance. Which is why the CMP staff have always been such fans of the Putumayo Kids series of music.

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How Naughty Can They Be If They Don’t Pee on Your Bed?

My sigOth thinks I’m mean when I tell him I’m getting rid of half of my kid’s stuffed animals, but when she isn’t yet two and the collection is are taking up more of the crib than she does(to say nothing of the living room and two toy boxes), I think it’s time to start paring down. And then I come across these.

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Giving New Meaning to Unique Jewelry

I’m a total sucker for a baby keepsake, I admit it. But it’s got to be a keepsakes that no one else has ever seen before so I can maximize The Ooh-Ahh Factor.

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A Bicycle Built for Two Year Olds

It took me three years to figure out that my daughter doesn’t care what the heck her ride-on toy looks like, just so long as it has wheels and she doesn’t have to work them. As for me…well, I care.

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