Month: June 2007

Vamos A La Playa

I’m all for a cute halter bikini on me (when I’m in my best possible shape) but on my 3 year old? Call me a fuddy-duddy butI’d prefer something that covers her just a bit more. Besides, slathering suntan lotion all over a constantly moving little body every hour is too darn hard. I say, more fabric!

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Future Jeff Gordons, Have a Seat

For some reason I’m always paralyzed when it comes to picking out kids’ furniture. Every time I see something I’m sure I want, I find something else and thus never end up with anything at all.

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Taming Flyaways with Flies

My friend’s daughter has a thing for bugs. Each year, her mom throws a birthday bash with insect-themed decorations and goody bags. The problem is finding unique gifts for this bug-crazy gal that she doesn’t already have.

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Here Kid, Darn My Socks

I’ve learned not to invest too much in craft supplies for every new project that strikes my girls’ fancy. One moment you’re bringing home fabric paints and the next they’re like, "No mom, we want the Bedazzler!" Both of which, by the way, will end up in the back of a closet before you know it.

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Straight From Project Runway (And It Will Actually Fit You)

My co-editor Kristen is the biggest Project Runway fan ever. And I think she will just fall down and convulse in fits of ecstasy when she learns that Season One winner Jay McCarroll now has a fab bowling bag on sale at Fred Flare for just 60 bucks.

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Photo Bags with Money Left Over For Film

I have a love-hate relationship with photo bags. I actually love the idea of them, but I’m not too crazy about the prices. Unless it’s Marc Jacobs customizing the handbag for you himself, there’s no reason to spend upwards of $250.

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Blankets By Martha. The Other Martha.

I have a friend whose son sleeps with a plastic fish every night. To each toddler his own and all, but if I were a babe picking a bedmate, I’d look at something a bit more un-plastic fishlike. Like, say, the blankets from Martha’s Baby Bundles.

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Love, The Thoughtful Gift Giver With the Great Cards

Am I tired of paying $5 for a card to go with every gift for every kid’s birthday party on the block? More like I’m tired of running around the house looking for a sticky note to slap on that puppy. Well, no more.

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Oh, Those Pesky UV Rays

I have never understood why sunblock is scented like pina coladas, particularly for kids. Do you really want your child smelling like a drunken cruise ship tourist stumbling around Key West?

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While I’m grateful for all the lightweight summer blankets I’ve received for my new baby, I still wanted something warm and cuddly for those overly frigid stores, restaurants, and my grandmother’s condo in Florida, a.k.a. The Air Conditioning Capital of the World.

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