Month: June 2007

Ooooooooh La La!

Wee see a whoooole lotta onesies trying to track down cool products to review here. You have no idea how many onesies. Easily a million. So when we tell you we’ve come across ones that are fabulously unique and that you must click over immediately, heed our words.

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Bathing Suits That Don’t Advertise Your Momness

There’s nothing more painful for me than trying to find a bathing suit that fits my new post-childbearing body along with my style sense. But I recently discovered Poppi Swim and Sport, and now I’m actually excited about getting into the pool this year. And no, I never thought I’d say that.

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Knitting 101 That Looks Like Knitting 504

It’s easy to appreciate beautifully hand-knitted garments, but creating them isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. The mere presence of two X chromosomes does not endow a woman with a talent for needlework (as much of the CMP staff will assure you).

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Monkeybar Buddies: Clothes For Hanging Around

Year after year, my mother outfitted me in dresses that were fine for the classroom, but completely inappropriate for the playground. While all the other girls wore slacks and hung upside down from the monkey bars, I stood off to the side and silently cursed my mother’s sewing machine.

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One Bag That’s Pure Poetry

When your child finally leaves the 35-pound diaper bag stage, you’re left with a couple of options: Continue carrying the same gigantic bag even though you could basically fit your kid in there, or dare to toss a sippy cup in your purse.

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Candy For Your Ears

Remember when you were little and someone introduced you to the local candy store for the first time–and they gave out samples? Free! That’s how I felt when I discovered Hip Young Parent: The Children’s Music Alternative.

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Take. Back. The Tie.

I’m not sure what it is about the tie that makes us grab them in desperation for Father’s Day gifts. Me included. But this year, I urge you to return it–it’s not too late!–and instead check out the plethora of appropriate hipster dad gifts at McSweeney’s Store, the online shop of Dave Egger’s hilarious literary journal.

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Get Packing

An expectant mother walks into a baby superstore…No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. Just the beginning of an overwhelming experience, especially when you hit the gear aisle. Which gadgets can you live without? Most of them.

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Congrats, Fatso. Boy or Girl?

Sometimes the traditional greeting card just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, but I can’t bring myself to buy some foil-embossed doily covered in melodramatic sentiments without throwing up a little bit in my mouth.

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Taking Style Cues From Your Daughter

Confession: I admitto wearingone of my daughter’s hair clips out of utter desperation.
Granted I didn’t wear it out of the house (I swear) but still, there’s something to be said for sharing accessories, provided they don’t have Elmo on them.

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