Month: June 2007

Stuck On You

With all the bells and whistles – literally – that are the hallmark of modern toys, I’m always happy to find those that put a new spin on an old classic without the use of batteries–or the need for a bottle of ibuprofen for mommy.

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Say Goodbye to the Beanie

I’m all for hats on the wee ones. Warm heads are terribly important in cool weather and in the summer, no one wants a baby with a sunburned face. But why, oh why do baby hats have to be so terribly…well, babyish?

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Luxury Blankets That Don’t Require a Platinum Card

One of the things we love about Cool Mom Picks is being able to track down Barney’s (or fill in your favorite high-end store here) quality items that you don’t have to hock your jewelry to afford.

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Two Little Elephants for Ten Little Piggies

Babies do not need shoes; that’s an undisputed fact. And that’s exactly why I love baby booties so much. I mean, since when did accessories have anything to do with need?

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Make Every Day Father’s Day

Golf clubs, BBQ grills, ties and tickets to see his favorite team – eh. Let’s face facts, what dads really want is just a wee bit of quiet around the house now and then.

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Can You Count the Potholes, Sweetie?

I have not been a mom all that long and already I’m tired of the same old images in counting and alphabet books. 10 apples, 9 bananas, 8 ducks…how about 1 snoring mommy? So I love the fresh take on counting in photographer Joanne Dugan’s 123 NYC: A Counting Book of New York City.

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Fantastic Baby Oil and Dog Aphrodisiac

Ever since developing the bionic nose of pregnancy (you all know what I’m taking about, mamas) I can’t settle for any bath or baby product that smells less than amazing. Fortunately, there are plenty of options no matter what your own supernose demands.

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Shower Invites That Demand RSVPs

If I had to do my baby shower all over, I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, one thing: Instead of not so subtly pointing my best friend towards the invites that, um, you know, I wouldn’t mind her using if, you know, she happened to like them too…I’d point her to Armato Design & Press.

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Putting the Toys Away Was Never So Appealing

The toys are accumulating–if not actually reproducing–just as everyone told us they would. And now the toys outnumber the square footage allotted to keep said toys out of eyesight and keep me from going insane.

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Organic Bedding, Hold the Hemp Jokes

While I applaud the intent behind buying organic, I have to admit I’m a little cynical about what I’m getting. The fruits and veggies are smaller, the meat is way pricier, and the clothes – at least they’re getting better, if slowly.

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